Instant Messaging (Chat) For Rackspace Webmail

Instant Messaging is almost as critical a business communication tool as email or the telephone. Our Rackspace Email customers have made this clear to us in recent months – and we’ve listened. So please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Rackspace Webmail application suite: Chat.

Built on open standards, Webmail Chat lets you send instant messages to users on your domain. It’s more responsive than an email, less hassle than a phone call and you can do it all without leaving your Webmail interface.

Real time presence saves you that trip across the building AND makes remote relationships just a little bit easier.

Best of all, our Webmail Chat is absolutely FREE for Rackspace Email users who log into to check their email.

With Webmail Chat, there is no setup or configuration necessary. Just click the Chat app link, add some buddies and chat away! Our simple and intuitive interface will have you “jabbering” in no time.

As always, our Product Managers anxiously await your feedback, so after you’ve taken Chat for a test drive, please, let us know what you think.

Happy chatting!


  1. I wish more people in my company used webmail so I could test the chat feature. But I just had to comment because of the Office reference. Kudos 😉

    • Jorge,

      This service is built on top of XMPP/Jabber which is the most widely used open standard for instant messaging and presence. This means that in the future, we will be able to allow third party client access. Currently we are evaluating demand for this capability, as well as the support costs for ourselves and our customer admins.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • I also would use this if it were opened up to jabber clients also. We currently run Openfire on site, but if this was enabled, it would save me having to create users on that VM – and free up my server resources! I vote yes to client access!

        • Thanks Brant! I’ll take your feedback into consideration. Also know that you can submit and vote on ideas over at

    • Debra, can you provide more information on the Operating System/Browser/Browser Version of the individuals who had difficulty using Webmail Chat? We’ve tested it thoroughly with IE, Firefox and Chrome, and haven’t had any reports of it not functioning, so this information will be helpful to us.

    • If you would like to enable Chat for your private label Webmail site, you may do so in the administrative Control Panel by following these steps:

      1. Sign into
      2. Click ‘Reseller Tools’
      3. Click ‘Webmail Sites’
      4. Choose a Webmail Site and click on ‘Customize’
      5. Click on ‘Show/Hide Links’
      6. Select ‘Show Webmail Chat’
      7. Click on ‘Save’

  2. Works great in Chrome. Can we add more than one person to the chat session? How about a Corporate Directory lookup?

  3. The issue we have is that even though we have 2 screens we have so many windows open at a time, the chat messenger does not give us notification that someone has sent us a message and because they open on top of one another we are missing incoming messages. Is there something we need to do to have it alert us or is this something that will be an added feature?

  4. Nice apps I love it, but can my chat with a buddy been seen by another person or any control of my chat by another third party.?????

  5. Was just logging in to Yahoo Messenger to chat with staff. Would much rather chat via Rackspace but don’t really want to make everyone log into in addition to having Outlook open…

  6. Can you chat with a group of people. We love the chat feature – just wish we could have a department or group chat going.

    • That isn’t possible at this time. We have always had group chat in mind, but it is not a priority for us at this time.

      Thanks for the feedback Jeff!

  7. There are a few questions that were not answered and I am thinking of becoming a rackspace customer, but the instant message is very important to the communication between my staff and me. Will there be a notification to let users know an instant message has come in? Is there a way to chat through my mobile phone? Also, as the admin or primary account, will I have access to chat history to insure that chat is only being used for work?

  8. Does the chat feature have the option to be monitored by supervisors, or transcripts that are saved are able to be accessed in the future once the chat is closed?


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