Integrate Web, Mobile Apps Into Windows With The Rackspace Cloud SDK For Microsoft.NET

One of the largest development communities on earth has started to move its bare metal mentality into the world of virtualization, and the stakes have never been higher. To support this massive technology shift, Rackspace has built tools that help developers bring web or application development to the Rackspace Cloud.

The first set of tools in our arsenal allows the .NET community to develop and consume cloud features or services. The Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET and Rackspace’s PowerClient help you utilize common cloud features for development. Additionally, you can use tools like these for management of production environments using Windows Server platforms running on a Rackspace hosted infrastructure. You don’t have to use the PowerClient or the SDK to make the APIs work; we just recommend it when you’re using a platform requiring API calls to the Rackspace Cloud.

The Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET SDK helps you build web and mobile applications that streamline your Windows cloud strategy. Meanwhile, Rackspace’s PowerClient offers a Powershell-based API client for the Rackspace public cloud and works with our next-generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

For developers who’d like to start developing for the Rackspace Cloud right away with no additional software licensing costs, you can download a free copy of Visual Web Developer Express 2012 from Microsoft. The Rackspace SDK for .NET can then be downloaded from within this development tool using the integrated NuGet extension manager

For more information about the Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET library, let’s take a peek under the hood.

What is the Cloud SDK for Microsoft .NET?

The Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft .NET is written for the Microsoft .NET platform and designed to enable developers to work seamlessly with the many services provided by the OpenStack cloud operating system.

The Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET contains:

  • A language API
  • Getting Started Guide
  • API Reference Manual
  • Release Notes
  • Sample code

The following features are available in Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET

  • Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Block Storage
  • Cloud Files
  • Cloud Networks

For a feature matrix and available functionalities, please check out our release notes in the Major Releases section.

Before using the SDK you will need the following:

  • A Rackspace Cloud account
  • One of the following combinations: username/password or username/API key for authentication
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4
  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher

That’s all you need to get started with the Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET. Now you can start seamlessly and easily integrating your applications into your Windows cloud environments.

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  1. I couldn’t find the “Getting Started Guide” in the “Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft.NET SDK”. Can you please point me where I can find it. Thanks


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