Open, Hybrid, Interoperable: The Cloud’s Future

At its core, hybrid cloud is about flexibility and choice – it’s the ability to choose the infrastructure that is the best fit for your specific workload through a combination of public and private clouds and dedicated hardware. At Rackspace, we do this on cloud platforms built on open standards, specifically OpenStack. In this kind of model, cloud interoperability is imperative.

It’s with that in mind that we at Rackspace support Cisco’s vision for InterCloud, a hybrid cloud solution that Cisco says will pave the way for interoperable and highly secure public, private and hybrid clouds.

Empowering our customers to leverage applications across public and private cloud platforms and between dedicated hardware and the cloud is a cornerstone of our hybrid cloud vision at Rackspace. With its InterCloud strategy, Cisco plans to enable organizations to leverage, combine and move workloads across different clouds. Like us, Cisco is pushing for the use of open standards and is aiming for a cloud future that is free of lock-in and where customers have the right to choose to run their workloads where they run best and where they achieve the best price for performance.

We feel our open, hybrid cloud strategy aligns nicely with Cisco’s InterCloud vision and we look forward to the evolution and implementation of this vision. Hybrid clouds built on open standards are the true future of cloud computing.



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