3 Quick Reasons Why Internships at Rackspace Are Worth It

Rackspace has acquired reputation as a great place to work full-time, but its summer internships are nothing to sneeze at.  Here are three reasons why:

  1. Real Responsibilities: When people hear “intern,” they usually think of a fresh-faced youngster working hard to make sure all the real employees get their coffee just the way they like it.  Not so at Rackspace.  This summer, the interns did real work: the developers wrote code that went out to millions of users; the QA intern, George Zhang, tested code that also went into production; and my market research helped guide strategic planning for the product team.  And I still have no idea how the executives take their coffee.
  2. Extra Projects: Our work wasn’t just the dull grind day in and day out either.  Rex Card, a technical project manager, asked the interns if we would help him build an internal product that he had in mind, and a couple of us took him up on it. Rackspace had us present the project to the entire company at one of the monthly town halls, and it has already been implemented.
  3. Culture: Rackspace is famous for its culture, and it exceeded our expectations.  Our work and extra projects were invigorating in their own right, but Rackers (as all employees are called) always have events to look forward to.  In the few months I’ve been at the company, Rackspace has taken us tubing on the New River, organized a day where employees got to pie their managers, and had ice cream from Coldstone Creamery delivered to the office.  Around here, it’s a safe bet that we’ll have a good event once every week or two.

If you want a comfortable internship where you can leverage your coffee shop experience, look elsewhere.  But if you want to be challenged, supported, and rewarded for your efforts; Rackspace will be looking for a new batch next summer. Visit RackerTalent.com to learn more about Rackspace culture.

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