Interviewing For A Technical Position, Part II: It’s Showtime

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Last time I covered how to prepare before the interview[1], including research beforehand, what you should bring, and prepared answers to common questions. Now it’s time to delve into the meat of the matter – the interview itself.

Interview Time

When it comes to IT jobs, there is usually a set of questions that are asked to gauge the candidate’s technical prowess. Yes, it is nerve-wracking. Often you will be asked how to do something, and you have to visualize the interface in your head and go over the steps, naming the pieces of the UI or specific commands to demonstrate technical competence. You might even be asked to write specific syntax or diagram an entire solution to a complex scenario on a whiteboard. The other kind of question is more of a high-level overview, where you need to explain enough of the concepts to show you are skilled in that area. They’re trying to confirm that your actual skills match your professed skills. Hopefully you didn’t embellish your resume too much, and you can answer the question! If not, be sure to be honest with them, and tell them you don’t know. If you fail a basic question, don’t expect a callback from the interview. However, if it’s something you’re not familiar with or don’t do every day (recall how you answered in the ”tell me about your current job” question), then it’s understandable if you’re not sure or can only provide a partial answer. The most important thing to remember is to be honest. Nothing is more of a turn off in an interview than people who act like they know everything under the sun, then attempt to tap dance their way through a topic.

What to do:

What Not to Do:

Post Interview

So that’s it, all the interviewing nuggets of wisdom I have to share. Please keep in mind, these are my opinions and experience, your mileage may vary. Good luck and happy interviewing!

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