Introducing CloudFS

Today we announced the private beta of the much anticipated CloudFS, an Internet-based storage offering that was developed by Mosso and Racklabs. I’ve included a couple interesting excerpts from the press release below:

This file storage offering, CloudFS, allows developers to securely store a virtually unlimited amount of data on the web connected through Rackspace’s infrastructure. At the conclusion of the beta program, the new storage offering will be available as a stand-alone service or as part of Mosso’s cloud hosting solution at competitive storage, bandwidth and transaction pricing. In addition, Rackspace customers will benefit from free local transfers between CloudFS and their managed hosting servers. The ability to tie a scalable and low-cost storage engine to Rackspace’s customized managed hosting environment is unique in the hosting industry.

Mosso is seeking applicants to participate in a private beta program as well as encouraging developers to build tools and services around CloudFS. Developers and businesses interested in the private beta can visit to apply starting May 5, 2008.

Pricing for CloudFS is strictly pay-for-what-you-use. Current plans target the pricing for storage to start at $0.15 per gigabyte, upon release, including replicated copies for data protection. This competitive rate allows developers to scale their storage-related projects seamlessly and affordably.

The storage platform will be accessed via a ReSTful web services API and language-specific API’s (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python). CloudFS will support language-specific libraries, giving customers confidence that they can quickly and easily store data and run applications in a business-class, standards-based environment.

Check out John Engates’ post on the Racklabs blog for an interesting behind the scenes look at the development of CloudFS.

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