Introducing Notes! Now in Rackspace Webmail

Our CTO, Bill Boebel, is pretty damn busy. He runs from meeting to meeting with a laptop, a notepad, pens and his BlackBerry. Yet, somehow, his thoughts are rarely all in one place (shocking). So for Bill, and the millions of other super-busy people, we’ve created Notes!

Notes is a new app now included with our Rackspace Webmail client. It’s the perfect place to store a new idea, a meeting summary or just some quick thoughts. Combine Notes with our Webmail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts and you have a full-featured, productivity suite!

Notes is easy to find and even easier to use. Rackspace Email customers can log-in to their Webmail account and find Notes under the Notes tab. A welcome message and instructions await you there…

Using Notes with Sync for BlackBerry. Now it gets Interesting…
One of the best features of our new Notes app is actually not found in Notes at all. It’s part of our Sync for BlackBerry tool; which allows Bill to create, edit and access Webmail Notes, while he’s on the go, from his mobile. Here’s how it works:



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