ionGrid: Secure Mobile Access and Comprehensive Documentation Protection

ionGrid Nexus offers secure mobile access to corporate file repositories and reliable interaction with documents to simultaneously address the needs of enterprise end users and IT. Simple to install over corporate networks, Nexus offers comprehensive mobile document protection that ensures IT security policies and access controls are preserved at the file level and eliminates the need for costly mobile document management solutions.

“A lot of companies, especially banks, pharmaceuticals and governments who are normally very risk averse are telling us that they are really trying to rethink how they deal with information, how they deal with security  and what they allow their employees to do,” explains Nick Triantos, Founder and CEO of ionGrid. “It used to be that you could secure everything within the four walls of your building, and that was good enough. Now, it’s really the case that personal devices force you to allow your information to be out there in the wild. So people are trying to rethink ‘what can I do with minimal effort on the server side or the infrastructure side to enable that to happen,’ without having to go toward moving all of my data into totally new systems where I have to figure everything out from scratch again.”

Powered by ionGrid’s streaming technology, Nexus delivers a visual, native experience that iPad users want from their device, while enabling them to dependably view, edit, collaborate and present precision-rendered documents with ease. Ideal for large enterprise organizations, ionGrid Nexus empowers a mobile and distributed workforce and is deployed in leading financial services firms, government agencies, utilities, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

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