iPhone Update

We have some preliminary news to share about how our email hosting service plays with the iPhone. We’re working on putting together documentation and help manuals, but for now, here is the update:
– Our webmail interface works well in the built-in Safari browser. However, you must first disable the pop-up blocker, which is turned on by default. We are working on documentation for how to do this and we’ll see if it’s possible to bypass the pop-up blocker as well.
Webmail Mobile works great.
POP, IMAP and SMTP can all be configured on the iPhone’s mail client.
– All in all, we’ve heard positive reviews about the iPhone and we look forward to supporting it for our customers.

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  1. Using IMAP on the iPhone should produce a listing of all of your folders including sub folders. From the home screen, touch the settings icon and then select mail. Choose your account; select the advanced options button near the bottom. In the text field labeled, “Root Path” type in “INBOX” (without quotes) return to home screen and select the mail icon. If that does not work or if anyone else needs assistance configuring the iPhone shoot me an email.


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