Is Email Archiving Better In The Cloud?

Filed in Cloud Industry Insights by Lizetta Staplefoote | July 24, 2013 10:00 am

One question we frequently hear from you is: Is email archiving better in the cloud? For most, the answer is yes. From answering subpoenas for email records to providing proof of business transactions, storing and retrieving email is a necessary part of modern business. As reliance on email as a long-term record keeping and daily communication tool grows, IT teams are scrambling to keep up with the hardware and management tools needed to deal with the influx of data. Hosted email [1] and hosted email archiving[2] solutions help reduce the load on strapped teams by offloading capacity and basic maintenance requirements to a trusted service provider. Though businesses reap many benefits from this combination, many are still reluctant to switch over. Top reasons cited for apprehension include:

Read Should You Put Email Archiving in the Cloud?[5] to learn more about the benefits and opportunities of cloud-based email archiving.

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