Is Failure An Option For Your Website?

Can your business survive a website failure? The answer varies based on the criticality of your website to overall business operations. Walk into an understaffed brick and mortal establishment with a rusty, hard-to-open door, cracked windows and a faulty cash register — for most, the condition of the store would be enough to walk out without even checking out the products and services. If your business runs on the web, you can suffer the same loss of confidence with slow performance, rampant downtime and security holes.

A brick and mortar might contract a property management firm to keep the grass cut, the doors operational and the windows fixed. For high-volume websites and web applications, there’s Critical Application Services at Rackspace.

Like a professional property management firm, Critical Application Services combines a suite of tools and actions to help websites put their best face forward, remain operational and stay open for business. The service consists of three components that are crucial to the success of your website and the integrity of your brand:

Application monitoring: Web-scale engineers keep a constant watch on site operations. You’ll know in less than five minutes if there’s an issue and you have a team of experienced engineers ready to get you back up and running.

Deeper visibility: User analytics, incident detection, real-time transaction level monitoring and diagnostic performance reports help you see how your application or website is running when there’s no fire to put out. Our team can also help you find ways to use this data to further optimize your infrastructure for better future performance.

Aggressive Service Level Agreement (SLA): When we say 100 percent production platform uptime, we mean it. We back it with a double your money back in service level credit. Period. You can stop worrying about the site going down and focus on activities like marketing and product development that grow your business instead of just maintaining operations.

Not all businesses need a professional property management company to oversee their physical presence and not all websites need the benefits of Rackspace Critical Application Services. The typical Critical Applications Services customers are high-volume website operators and businesses who deliver mission critical web applications where failure is not an option.

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Kevin Holmes is a Senior Linux Systems Engineer working in Rackspace Enterprise, specializing in high performance web serving. Kevin has been serving Rackspace customers for close to 10 years in various technical roles. He also pretends to know how to play drums.


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