It’s Time To Send That $1 Million Proposal. Is Your Email Working?

We’ve grown accustomed to email just working. It’s there when we need it. But what happens when it’s time to send that $1 million proposal that could take your business to the next level, and your email is down?

Email is the heart of daily business communication and you can’t risk downtime cutting off your lifeline. Its reliability is a top priority. It’s how your executives communicate with each other, your customers and the market; how your sales department closes deals; how your HR department finds the next great talent; and how your product development team shares cutting-edge concepts.

To ensure your email works as promised, Rackspace Hosted Exchange offers an unmatched, financially-backed 100 percent uptime guarantee. What does this mean to you? Simply put, it means that your mail will be up and running when you need it. Period. We periodically schedule maintenance to keep our systems running smoothly, but this time is scheduled in advance and typically lasts just a matter of minutes during non-peak hours.

We also don’t believe in a long list of exceptions when it comes to our uptime policy. Other than scheduled maintenance or an unforeseen emergency situation, we are committed to keeping our systems up and running smoothly. You won’t find a long list of exceptions or excluded products that fall into our email uptime guarantee. There’s no fine print or gotchas.

We pride ourselves on not only our uptime, but also our transparency when issues do arise. You can always check out our status page for a quick one-week view of the uptime ( for all of our hosted email products, and our 24x7x365 Support Team is on top of the reasoning and resolution time behind any problem.

If a glitch does happen (let’s face it, they sometimes do), you’re covered. Rackspace Hosted Exchange is securely maintained in multiple, US-based, high availability datacenters so your mail isn’t lost. And here’s the thing: if you experience downtime that isn’t related to scheduled maintenance, we will compensate you for it, up to 100 percent of your monthly bill. This is one of the most aggressive policies in the industry, and we are comfortable with it because we are confident in our uptime. Many other business-class email providers make uptime complicated with lackluster policies such as a credit of 25 percent for 90 percent uptime (that’s downtime for three days a month!) and wacky formulas such as (the total number of minutes in a month times the total number of users minus the total minutes of downtime experienced by all users in that month) divided by (the total number of minutes in a month times the total number of users).

Wow, that’s complex (and a real credit formula – we’re not making that up). With credits as low as these, there is little financial incentive for other providers to keep your mail up and running. We keep it simple, if you experience five hours or more of consecutive downtime, we’ll credit you for that mailbox’s monthly fee. If downtime is less than five hours, we’ll prorate the bill for you.

Take a look at our Service Level Agreement for all the details on our uptime guarantee; I think you’ll be impressed. Beyond product introductions and the glitz and glamour of new features, we have one primary responsibility: to keep your mail up and available. We take this job very seriously and are wholly committed to delivering for you.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of the most reliable business-class email available, Rackspace Hosted Exchange 2013, now. And if you have questions regarding our Uptime Guarantee or SLA, feel free to call us or chat with a specialist online.

Brooke Jackson is Rackspace Product Manager for Microsoft products such as Exchange and Office 365. She has been a Racker for 5+ years and is passionate about helping small businesses use collaboration technology to make their jobs easier.


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