It’s All About Disaster Recovery

Have you thought about a disaster recovery plan for the files and data on your computers and/or servers? These days, just about everything is stored electronically—emails, business documents, transactions, payments. It’s scary to think that it can be gone, in seconds, because of hardware or software failure, a computer virus, theft, or even a natural disaster.

In the past, businesses had to put together their own backup plans in-house. It often involved backing up individual computers to a main server, creating a tape backup of the server, and then storing the tape offsite. Unless the data is backed up daily, though, the business risks losing days’ (or weeks’ or months’) worth of data. And retrieving data from a backup tape can be cumbersome and time consuming.

With our products, you can schedule automatic backups of your computers and/or servers to our online data centers—securely and safely. And if you’re a Rackspace hosted email customer, you can also back up your email—every incoming and outgoing email for your entire domain. This way, your business data is always backed up, located in our secure data centers, so you can have peace of mind. And whenever you need an email or file from the backup system, it’s easy to log in and locate and restore the data.

It’s easy to have a “that will never happen to me” mentality when it comes to a disaster. But when it comes to your business files and data, it’s worth it to have a solid backup plan in place.

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