JMP Securities Analyst Interviews Lew Moorman on the Cloud

Earlier this week, Patrick Walravens, on-demand and enterprise software analyst at JMP Securities, interviewed Lew Moorman surrounding Rackspace’s cloud strategy. The conversation covered Rackspace’s evolution as a leader in cloud computing, including the company’s current service offerings and its strategy going forward.  What differentiates Rackspace’s Cloud offering? What are some opportunities for growth?

Check out the video below to see Lew give the scoop on the Rackspace Cloud Suite.

Cloud Computing: JMP Securities Interviews Rackspace Hosting from Rackspace Hosting on Vimeo.

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  1. No doubt your services seem to rock. Agree that there is tons of opportunity in the cloud servies but – will that eliminate the managed dedicated hosting over time not to mention web hosting?


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