John Engates Talks about OpenStack

John Engates, CTO at Rackspace, does a quick interview in the lobby of Moscone Center at VMworld 2010. He talks about OpenStack and what it means for the Cloud.

Since the OpenStack community was founded at OSCON late July, there has been a series of exciting new developments including:

  • Hiring of two key employees: Anne Gentle, OpenStack Content Stacker and Stephen Spector, OpenStack Community Manager
  • New features in the code base today include:  managing virtual machines, network configuration for those VMs, a fully distributed, replication storage system and the ability to store, retrieve and replicate objects and files up to 5GB in size
  • You can also now manage the OpenStack environment via a web control panel, iPad, iPhone and Android device.

Make sure to sign up for the 2nd OpenStack Design Conference coming in November:

Dates: November 9th-12th

Location: The Weston Centre in Downtown San Antonio, TX

Address: 112 E. Pecan St. San Antonio, TX 78205

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