Join The Cloud Queues Early Access Program Today

Starting today, you can begin testing and exploring the Rackspace Cloud Queues service, a new tool designed to address the needs of large, distributed applications. Cloud Queues gives you a simple API to manage both a producer-consumer and a publisher-subscriber queuing and notifications service.

Backed by the OpenStack Marconi project, we built Cloud Queues to be highly scalable and highly available. Messages are sent to queues via a Rest API and replicated to two secondary databases for extra security and redundancy. While Cloud Queues can be accessed by clients hosted anywhere, Rackspace Cloud customers can get extra benefit by connecting to Cloud Queues via Rackspace’s internal service network, which shields you from the latency and cost associated with the public Internet.

Cloud Queues provides you with an interface to create queues, post messages to those queues, get basic stats on the queues, claim messages and watch messages in the subscriber mode.

We expect Cloud Queues to be in General Availability later this year, so we ask Early Access participants to give feedback on performance, API design, documentation and more. At this time, the Cloud Queues service is only available via an API from our ORD (Chicago) or LON (London) datacenters. The product is free to users while it is in Early Access, but will be billed for outgoing bandwidth fees later this year. Those of you participating in the Early Access program can use your normal support channels during this time – you can open tickets via your Rack control panel, chat with our online team or call the Support line.

Want to join the Early Access program? Just fill out the application, tell us about your needs and we’ll get you set up.

If you have any questions about this product or the Early Access phase, simply respond to this post, contact our Support team or email me directly at


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