Joomla: What Is It? Who Uses It?

For businesses looking to put together a professional web presence, Joomla is a solution that can fit their needs. Joomla is a free, open-sourced Content Management System (CMS) that was rebranded from the Mambo project back in 2005. I have been part of the Joomla community for several years now and have watched this application grow into one of the most popular CMSs on the web — it now powers over 40 million websites.

Joomla’s official site lets you download the application and get it up and running on one of Rackspace’s cloud offerings in just minutes. A variety of different businesses, including enterprises, mom-and-pop shops, blogs and ecommerce sites use Joomla. Because Joomla is a free application, it is easily accessible by anyone who wants or needs to get a site up and running quickly. Additionally, there are hundreds of thousands of ways to customize your Joomla site with special templates (the look and feel of your site) and components (mini applications) to make sure your brand is unique on the web.

If you have any questions about Joomla or how to host it in the cloud, feel free to reach out to us here at Rackspace. Check back next week for my next post where I talk about setting up backups, one of the first things you should do when launching a Joomla site.

Find out more how Rackspace can help you focus on building your Joomla site instead of managing servers.

Joshua Hatfield is a sales manager and long term Racker who specializes in helping customers architect their technical configuration. He is also an active contributor to the open source community, including Joomla, OpenStack and WordPress. When he is not at Rackspace, he enjoys fishing, hunting and short walks on the beach.


  1. I have been using Rackspace for several years and have loved their support with general needs (such as setting up sites, changing database access, etc) however I have had nothing but issues with Joomla installations on our server. It seems that permissions are a mess for Joomla for security purposes on the Rackspace server, and after weeks of trouble shooting we still can’t get Joomla to run properly. This results in an inability to install updates, upload new extensions and modify templates or plugin files. Needless to say, this is a major part of the functionality of a CMS. I have loved Rackspace support in many respects and want to utilize Joomla on my hosting accounts. If anyone has successfully hosted a Joomla site on Rackspace and has tips for functionality, I’m all ears! This has been a major issue for us….thanks!

  2. Hello,

    I am pleased to hear about you being a longtime customer and obviously a loyal one at that. Thank You

    In regards to your post, I may be able to assist you with your Joomla configuration, however I would have to ask you some questions. Would you send me an email:

    I’d appreciate an opportunity to work with you and review your configuration.

    Best Regards,
    Joshua Hatfield


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