Kabbee Slams The Brakes On Unsupported Infrastructure

Kabbee is growing. Last year, we grew nearly 400 percent and we’re looking to continue that trend and grow by the same amount this year and next, culminating in a growth rate of 64 times in just three years.

At Kabbee, we work with more than 70 fleets of minicabs – and growing — across London, where we’re based. Our mobile app and website allow passengers to choose their car by type, price, time and user ratings across dfferent minicab providers to ensure Londoners save money while getting a safe, reliable cab.

Our business has caught on.

To grow at such a dramatic rate, we needed support and 24-hour customer service– something we didn’t get from our previous hosting provider. It was cheap, but in this instance the saying “you get what you pay for” rang true. Their model was not good for our business.

We needed a partner that can scale with us and be a part of our long-term plan. We looked at a trio of big name cloud providers, but they were only interested in selling us infrastructure. For the support we needed we would have had to outsource to a third party. One provider would only offer support in the form of articles and other documentation, but getting a human was out of the question.

As I said, we wanted a partner to come on the journey with us. That’s when we found Rackspace.

Rackspace is not just another company looking to sell us commodity infrastructure. The level of service is untouchable, and the infrastructure is rock solid. I would much rather spend my money on a hybrid cloud solution (a mix of dedicated and cloud servers) that includes a dedicated account manager and 24×7 access to a team of specialists that can help plan for scale and help us chart our course over the next three, six, 12 or 18 months than on unsupported commodity infrastructure.

In just a few months, it’s been an eye-popping experience. It’s clear that Fanatical Support isn’t just a term thrown around blindly – it’s the ethos of Rackspace.

Whenever I’ve dealt with a hosting company before, I couldn’t get any help. My team and I got so use to a “no service” culture with previous providers, that I have to remind them that Rackspace experts are available to help and will answer when you call them.

While this level of service is difficult to measure in terms of dollars and cents (or pounds and pence here in London), I can say that had Kabbee chosen a commodity infrastructure provider, I would have had to hire at least six engineers to provide the 24×7 coverage I receive from Rackspace. I’d also have to train them, and sharpen their expertise. All of that goes away with Rackspace – the cost savings from that alone make it a no-brainer.

And on top of Rackspace’s round-the-clock support we have seen a massive performance boost. We measure performance in terms of internal transactions and external transactions. Before, our external and internal traffic rode the same pipe, now each has its own dedicated wire. Our inbound traffic has gotten 10 to 100 times faster, while our external response times have improved by 200 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds, a 25 percent to 35 percent decrease in the amount time it takes to serve a user.

To achieve these performance improvements on our own, it would’ve taken two to three years. We have essentially freed up three full years of developer time just by moving to Rackspace. That’s a very real metric and it’s a huge deal to us.

Taking into consideration the support and the performance improvements we’ve seen by moving to Rackspace, it all adds up to a massive difference and a level of success we couldn’t have found elsewhere.


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