Keeping It Real In Live Chat

Filed in by Angela Bartels | December 14, 2009 9:34 am

Customers are always sending us gifts or offering to take us to dinner but we had never received a marriage proposal…until now.  Kelly (support fanatic) had a great live chat with a customer recently that started off with “I Love You” and ended with “Yea, Beers.” Check it out:

§   [13:31:14] Customer: I LOVE  YOU!

§   [13:31:32] Customer: please seriously, come over to NY so i can put a ring on your  finger you just made my day

§   [13:31:36] Customer: im such a linux idiot

§   [13:31:51] Kelly: Well I’m a guy so  that would be a bit odd ?

§   [13:31:56] Kelly:  But a beer would work!

§   [13:31:59] Customer: oh dude

§   [13:32:01] Customer: gross

§   [13:32:06] Customer: sorry the name through  it off

§   [13:32:13] Kelly: No worries… it happens alot ?

§   [13:32:17] Customer: yea beers!

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