Keeping Track Of Cloud Costs With Cloudability

When you’re working in your cloud app, the cloud enables you to easily spin up and down different servers and services with a click of a button. The drawback to this model, however, is that cost can be difficult to track. It’s easy to forget to shut down an instance, or a bug in app code could spin instances up without ever taking them down. Monitoring your costs is the third metric that developers should monitor, and Rackspace Cloud Tools partner Cloudability is a third-party tool that can be a big help.

Rackspace Cloud customers get free Cloudability monitoring for all of their Rackspace spend, as well as up to $2,500 of cost monitoring for non-Rackspace accounts. In the screencast below, I walk you through how to quickly setup Cloudability for your cloud configuration.

Cloudability can automatically email you daily reports of your cloud spending across a multitude of cloud services, and Cloudability has an easy way to view your historic server spends at a quick glance. The tool can give you an estimate for the month and compare it to previous spend. You are also able to breakdown the costs by cloud account and vendor. You can also set up a monthly budget, where you can automatically receive an email if you get near, or exceed, your server budget.

Cost monitoring is very important in this day and age, and with the advanced tools that Cloudability offers, you’ll be able to clearly understand and monitor your cloud spending.

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