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Rackspace Business Productivity Rx: Keyboard Shortcuts for Top Email Clients


By keeping your fingers on the keyboard and using the mouse less frequently, you can fly through reading, replying, and managing your inbox. Bookmark this page for quick reference or download a printable quick reference card for your favorite email client to post near your computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Download Desk Prinout PDF (keyboard shortcuts)
Microsoft OutlookRackspace EmailEntourageThunderbird

Keyboard Shortcut Breakdown

Outlook 2007:
Compose New Message: CTRL+SHIFT+m
Reply: CTRL+r
Reply to All: CTRL+SHIFT+r
Forward: CTRL+f
Send/Receive All: ALT+s
Open Message: CTRL+o
Save a Draft Message: CTRL+s
Go to Calendar: CTRL+2
Go to Contacts: CTRL+3
Create a New Contact: Ctrl+Shift+c

Download the Outlook 2007 quick reference card now (PDF).
For a complete list of Outlook 2007 shortcuts, visit Microsoft’s, “Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook.

Rackspace Email*:  
Compose New Email: c
Reply: r
Open ‘Quick Reply’: q
Forward Open Message: f
Open Message: SHIFT + o
Delete Selected Messages: d
Move Selected Messages: m
Flag/Unflag Selected Messages: SHIFT+f
Place cursor in Search box: /
Mark selected messages as unread: u

*To use Rackspace Email shortcuts, you’ll need to enable keyboard shortcuts in your webmail settings. For instructions on how to enable shortcuts, and for a complete list, view the Support Site article “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts.

Download the Rackspace Email quick reference card now (PDF).  

Entourage (For Mac Users):  
Compose New Message: CMD+n
Reply to the Sender of the Message: CMD+r
Reply to All: SHIFT+CMD+r
Forward the Message: CMD+j
Send the Open Message: CMD+RETURN
Open the Selected Item: CMD+o
Save an Item: CMD+s
Delete the Message: CMD+DELETE
Go to the Address Book: CMD+2
Go to the Calendar: CMD+3

Download the Entourage quick reference card now (PDF)
View a complete list of Entourage keyboard shortcuts here.   

Compose New Message: CTRL+n
Reply to Message (sender only): CTRL+r
Reply to All in Message (all recipients): CTRL+SHIFT+r
Send Message Now: CTRL+Enter
Send and Receive All Messages: CTRL+t
Forward Message: CTRL+l
Open Message (in new window): CTRL +o
Save Message as File: CTRL+s
Search Messages: CTRL+SHIFT+f
Get New Messages for All Accounts: CTRL+SHIFT+t

Download the Thunderbird quick reference card now (PDF).
For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, visit Mozilla’s keyboard shortcuts list.

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  • Trevor Winters

    For all the Mac Mail users reading this post and getting productivity envy follow this link to an exhaustive list of Keyboard Shortcuts shared by the team at

    Here are 4 of the shortcuts that have sped up my day…

    Select Inbox   -> Command-1
    Select Sent   -> Command-4
    Reply to sender -> Command-R
    Reply to all   -> Command-Shift-R

    Trevor Winters
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