Rackspace Business Productivity Rx: Keyboard Shortcuts for Top Email Clients

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By keeping your fingers on the keyboard and using the mouse less frequently, you can fly through reading, replying, and managing your inbox. Bookmark this page for quick reference or download a printable quick reference card for your favorite email client to post near your computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Download Desk Prinout PDF (keyboard shortcuts)
Microsoft Outlook[1]; Rackspace Email[2]; Entourage[3]; Thunderbird[4]

Keyboard Shortcut Breakdown

Outlook 2007:
Compose New Message: CTRL+SHIFT+m
Reply: CTRL+r
Reply to All: CTRL+SHIFT+r
Forward: CTRL+f
Send/Receive All: ALT+s
Open Message: CTRL+o
Save a Draft Message: CTRL+s
Go to Calendar: CTRL+2
Go to Contacts: CTRL+3
Create a New Contact: Ctrl+Shift+c

Download the Outlook 2007 quick reference card now (PDF)[5].
For a complete list of Outlook 2007 shortcuts, visit Microsoft’s, “Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook.[6]”

Rackspace Email*:  
Compose New Email: c
Reply: r
Open ‘Quick Reply’: q
Forward Open Message: f
Open Message: SHIFT + o
Delete Selected Messages: d
Move Selected Messages: m
Flag/Unflag Selected Messages: SHIFT+f
Place cursor in Search box: /
Mark selected messages as unread: u

*To use Rackspace Email shortcuts, you’ll need to enable keyboard shortcuts in your webmail settings. For instructions on how to enable shortcuts, and for a complete list, view the Support Site article “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts.[7]”

Download the Rackspace Email quick reference card now (PDF)[8].  

Entourage (For Mac Users):  
Compose New Message: CMD+n
Reply to the Sender of the Message: CMD+r
Reply to All: SHIFT+CMD+r
Forward the Message: CMD+j
Send the Open Message: CMD+RETURN
Open the Selected Item: CMD+o
Save an Item: CMD+s
Delete the Message: CMD+DELETE
Go to the Address Book: CMD+2
Go to the Calendar: CMD+3

Download the Entourage quick reference card now (PDF)
View a complete list of Entourage keyboard shortcuts here[9].   

Compose New Message: CTRL+n
Reply to Message (sender only): CTRL+r
Reply to All in Message (all recipients): CTRL+SHIFT+r
Send Message Now: CTRL+Enter
Send and Receive All Messages: CTRL+t
Forward Message: CTRL+l
Open Message (in new window): CTRL +o
Save Message as File: CTRL+s
Search Messages: CTRL+SHIFT+f
Get New Messages for All Accounts: CTRL+SHIFT+t

Download the Thunderbird quick reference card now (PDF)[10].
For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, visit Mozilla’s keyboard shortcuts list[11].

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