Launch: Noteworthy Sync for Windows Mobile Devices

Having access to your vital data on your mobile device—data such as email, calendar, and contacts—is almost as important today as having access to that data through your computer. I know many of my colleagues here at Mailtrust find themselves spending as much, if not more, time on their mobile device as they do on their computer throughout the day. We understand that a mobile revolution is taking place and we want to help our customers have access to the data they need, whether that is behind a desk or not.
That is why we are proud to announce the latest addition to our Noteworthy offering, Noteworthy Sync for Windows Mobile devices. This is the second mobile product addition for Noteworthy Sync; the first was Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry.
With Noteworthy Sync, customers can keep their contacts, calendar, and tasks synchronized between Outlook, Noteworthy Webmail, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile devices. The best part is that customers can schedule automatic synchronizations, so that the data is always kept up to date without having to think twice about it.
Interested in using Noteworthy Sync?
• Customers who signed up online for email hosting service after October 1, 2007 already have Noteworthy Sync included in their pricing package—just log in to the control panel and select Collaboration / Sync to get started.
• For those customers who signed up online before October 1, 2007, the pricing depends on the number of mailboxes you have with us and includes a free upgrade to 10GB of storage per mailbox. Log in to the control panel and select My Account / Upgrade Services / Upgrade Email Plans to purchase the Sync upgrade.
• All other customers can determine pricing online—just log in to the control panel, select Collaboration / Sync, and follow the instructions to get started.

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  1. Robert – Noteworthy Sync is in on going development and we will continue to help bridge the gaps across different operating systems and email clients.

    I realize though that this does not solve your problem today, so perhaps our Hosted Exchange solution would be a better fit.

    With our Hosted Exchange solution you can have some users on Noteworthy and others on Hosted Exchange.  We will take care of the split domain routing to make this possible internally.  You do not have to do anything extra to manage this type of solution.

    Feel free to email me at cameron [at] and we can discuss this further.


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