Launch: Rackspace Email 7.0

As a Product Manager, I get pumped whenever we release a new version of our products. This is especially true of the latest release of Rackspace Email 7.0. Over the past six months, the development team worked extremely hard to build exciting new features for me (yes, I use the product every day) and, more importantly, for our customers. Among the highlights of this release:

  • Calendar enhancements to provide greater control, flexibility and collaboration in scheduling
  • The ability to access features by clicking the right mouse button
  • Support for the Google Chrome browser and improved support for Firefox 3

Here’s a short video that I put together to introduce you to some of the features:

These are but a few of the changes. In upcoming blog posts, I will dive deeper into these and other improvements that are part of 7.0.

Robert is Director of Business Operations in Rackspace's Blacksburg, VA office.



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