Launch: Email Marketing 1.1

Today we released version 1.1 of our email marketing service. Some of the new features we built include the following:
– Support for multiple lists: this is the ability to have a single email address in multiple categories simultaneously. Having an email address on multiple lists will only count once against your subscriber limit.
– Support for DomainKeys, an email authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an email sender and the message integrity.
– Ability for customers to add HTML to their website that will allow visitors to subscribe to their email newsletters. The email address will be required to confirm the subscription via email in order to prevent abuse.
– Automated removal of bounced email addresses from email lists. Email addresses will be automatically deleted for bounces where the recipient address does not exist.
We also added several tools for our customer care team so that they will be able to more effectively support our customers.
We have a long road map ahead and if you have any thoughts or ideas for what you’d like to see added, please add them to Idea Central.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    1 – You can already send HTML emails that you create.  Whenever using the editor, simply click “Source” to paste your own HTML.

    2 – Templates are something high on our priority list.  I can’t give an exact time frame, but it’s very, very high priority.


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