Launch: Enhanced Control Panel with Hosted Exchange 2007

Mailtrust has two exciting new announcements to share:
Hosted Exchange 2007
We are now offering Hosted Exchange 2007. With Hosted Exchange, you get all the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange® environment, without the headaches of hosting it yourself. And, what’s better, you can combine Hosted Exchange with our Noteworthy service, on a per-user basis. This cost effective and flexible solution ensures that you get exactly what you need when it comes to your email: Hosted Exchange for users who need the powerful collaboration tools that come from Microsoft Exchange, and Noteworthy hosted email (our lower-cost, yet fully featured email hosting solution) for everyone else. We expect that this Hosted Exchange + Noteworthy offering will benefit you by minimizing cost and maximizing productivity. The choice is now yours.
Enhanced Control Panel
We have also launched the latest release of our administrative control panel. We’ve completely redesigned the user interface and improved navigation. Our customers will still have full access to all of the tools they’ve always had, in addition to some exciting new tools built around the introduction of Hosted Exchange 2007. Now administrators can manage all of their mailboxes (Hosted Exchange 2007 and Noteworthy) through a single application. To learn more about Control Panel 3.0, you can view our special recorded webinar.
Over the next few months we will slowly be upgrading current customers over to the new control panel. You can also choose to send a request through the ticketing section of your control panel to request an upgrade earlier.
To purchase or view pricing for Hosted Exchange 2007, log in to the control panel and click Upgrades. Each mailbox includes a license to Outlook 2007 or Entourage 2008, which can be downloaded online.
And, as always, the customer care team is always available, and you can contact us directly any time at

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