Launch: Noteworthy Search 2.0 Release: Speed, Quality and Scalability

If you use e-mail to do business, you probably receive an exorbitant amount of emails every day, each of which is important to the work you do. Keeping track of all that data in your head is near impossible, so, you try to filter and segregate incoming messages to better organize your mailbox. But folders fill up fast, and messages get pushed out of sight and out of mind in an instant.
So, what happens when you need to find the email that someone in HR sent three or four months ago? Was it in the ‘work’ folder, or the ‘HR’ folder?
The classic answer to this question is to run a quick search. After all, search has become a standard feature of email clients, with Noteworthy Search being added in 2006; efficient search has come to be expected from any mailbox. Unfortunately, as mailboxes grow to tens of gigabytes, it has also come to be expected that sifting through all that mail can take a while. Noteworthy’s own search feature has historically had a few issues with certain queries taking too long or, in rare cases, occasionally omitting results due to communication errors.
That’s why we’re very proud to announce the release of Search 2.0 for all Noteworthy users using our Webmail interface. We’ve focused on improving the speed and quality of searches while ensuring that we lay down a scalable foundation to maintain performance as we grow. In our beta testing period, we reduced average query times down to half a second and prevented communication gaps between mailboxes and our indexing servers. With this solid base, we’re prepared to bring you more exciting new search features in future releases. So stay tuned!
If you have a Noteworthy mailbox, go ahead and try it out now.
Note: If it’s your first time using the search feature, give it up to 30 minutes to populate the indexes for your mailbox

Kirk Averett is the senior director of product for Cloud Office at Rackspace.



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