Launch: Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry

We are excited to announce the release of Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry, the latest addition to our Noteworthy product offerings. This feature has been highly requested by our user base, so we are pleased to add it to our growing line of products for Noteworthy Sync.
Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry is designed for customers who enjoy using our webmail product to manage their calendar, contacts, and tasks, but also want to synchronize this data between webmail and their BlackBerry device. You can even schedule automatic synchronizations, which will ensure that your information is always up to date.
If you are an Outlook user, you can directly synchronize your BlackBerry with Outlook as usual, or you can use our Noteworthy Sync for Outlook. Either way, you will now be able to enjoy having your data with you on the road, from your desktop, and from any internet-connected device, anywhere.
Purchasing Sync
• Customers who signed up online for email hosting service after October 1, 2007 already have Noteworthy Sync included in their pricing package—just log in to the control panel and select Collaboration / Sync to get started.
• For those customers who signed up online before October 1, 2007, the pricing depends on the number of mailboxes you have with us and includes a free upgrade to 10GB of storage per mailbox. Log in to the control panel and select My Account / Upgrade Services / Upgrade Email Plans to purchase the Sync upgrade.
• All other customers can determine pricing online—just log in to the control panel, select Collaboration / Sync, and follow the instructions to get started.
For more information about Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry, and to hear first-hand impressions from a real BlackBerry addict (Pat, our CEO), check out this blog post: Why I Love My BlackBerry More Than Ever.
Also, you can check out a YouTube video we created to show you how easy it can be to use Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry.

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