Launch: Noteworthy Webmail 6.6 – Speed Improvements

We consider speed enhancements to our applications to be one of our top priorities. We are constantly pushing our development team to design ways to make our applications run faster. Our customers demand that we come up with innovative ways to increase productivity for users and we know that speed improvements can dramatically increase those productivity levels.
Last week we launched Noteworthy Webmail 6.6, which includes major performance enhancements. Thanks to these enhancements, customers will now be able to navigate through emails within a folder without waiting for each email to load. In the past, navigating between emails in a folder would require time for the email to be loaded into the application, but not anymore!
In addition to the major performance enhancements, we have also integrated the following enhancements:
• We added an optional notification sound any time new email arrives in the inbox
• You can now drag and drop multiple messages into another folder
• We have updated SMS notifications, making them compatible with new providers
We promise to continue to update Noteworthy with further product enhancements as a part of our commitment to innovation. Keep checking our blog—and share your ideas with us via Idea Central.

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