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Launch: Noteworthy Webmail 6.7 – Improving Usability


We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Noteworthy Webmail—a version full of improvements to Webmail’s functionality and usability. Our customers are great about sending us valuable feedback, and that feedback drove every improvement that you’ll find in Webmail 6.7.
The most obvious changes are found in the settings section, which underwent a complete redesign and now allows for easier access to Webmail’s mail management tools. Other improvements include the ability to:
• Create and save HTML-based signatures. Customers can even upload an image to incorporate into the signature.
• Schedule a vacation message to begin and end on specific dates.
• Filter email more specifically, using new email filtering rules.
We promise to continue to update Noteworthy with further product enhancements, as a part of our commitment to innovation and to listening to our customers’ feedback. Keep checking our blog—and share your ideas with us via Idea Central.

About the Author

This is a post written and contributed by Cameron Nouri.

A Racker, Golfer, Cloud Evangelist, Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneurial Focused Individual that above all else is loving life!

  • John

    After editing an alias or email box in the control panel and hitting save you are bounced out of the alias or mailbox and back to the top of the list, why can’t you be left in the alias or mailbox you just saved?

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