Launch: Webmail 6.4 Featuring Overlapping Events

Today we launched the 6.4 version of webmail. This launch includes the following:
– Overlapping event support in calendar
– Ability to view multiple calendars at one time
– More custom wild card support in blacklists and safelists
– Ability to press enter on any form and have it submit
– Lots of performance enhancements
– Better foreign language support in emails
– Added a notes icon to task items that have notes
– Added task due dates
– Number of tasks shown in task manager for each list
– Ability to add contact from an email in the preview pane
– Several other bug fixes
Below is a screen shot of what it looks like to view multiple calendars and overlapping events:

Calendar Screenshot

Thanks to the webmail team for delivering another great version of webmail, on time. They’ll now be working on version 7.0. Check out our road map to see what’s up next.

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  1. In response to the synchronization with third party clients, why not use Plaxo.  It is free for under 500-600 contacts and is already compliant with mobile phones as well as mac and pc email clients.  Why rebuild the wheel when yu can use a third party with a working car?


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