Launch: Webmail Mobile Version 1.2

Filed in by Rackspace Blogger | December 18, 2006 4:25 pm

In the last month, we’ve released versions 1.1 and 1.2 of Webmail Mobile[1]. Here are the main features we’ve added:
1. Delete button
2. Ability to CC, BCC users when composing email
3. Ability to move messages between folders
4. Check email button
5. Ability to forward attachments
6. Ability to include previous messages in replies
7. Forwarded messages and replies are recognized in webmail
8. Ability to reply-all to email messages
9. Added a ‘Next’ link on the read-mail pages
10. Got rid of cookies (better support for more phones now)
11. Added ‘Remember Me’ functionality on the login
12. URLs are now links
13. Released private label versions of Webmail Mobile
14. Added ‘Mark as New’ capabilities to email messages
15. Ability to view task lists
Thanks to Mike[2] and Matt[3] who have been plowing ahead with Webmail Mobile… mostly in their spare time.

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