Learn How To Cloud At Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud

This week, Rackspace embarks on a global journey across the globe called Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud. Unlocked is a free one-day cloud workshop sponsored and hosted by Rackspace that we’ll hold in several major cities across the globe to help you determine which cloud environment – public, private or hybrid cloud – is the best fit for your application.

But don’t expect to get blasted with Rackspace marketing the entire day. In fact, you should expect the opposite. We’re a world leader in cloud computing and over the years we have seen thousands of cloud applications and infrastructure designs, and we have spoken with hundreds of engineering teams. What we have gained from that is a solid understanding of what building in the open cloud looks like; from single-server WordPress installs to complex adaptive applications that span clusters of cloud servers and everything in between.

Cloud Savvy & Unlocked

The idea of Unlocked grew out of an internal program we created called Cloud Savvy, which takes the lessons we’ve learned and applies design principles, cloud know-how and best practices to advance the level of cloud expertise inside our organization. The Cloud Savvy program arms us with in-depth cloud knowledge to better help our customers design their cloud applications the right way the first time. The feedback from the Cloud Savvy program has been off the charts – Rackers are more confident in their cloud IQs and our customers receive more Fanatical Support in the cloud than ever before.

As the Cloud Savvy content matured and we saw significant impact within our customers, we realized there was a new opportunity in front of us – a new avenue that allows us to extend our Fanatical Support. Fanatical Support doesn’t start once you become a customer; we want you to experience it from the start. From consultation to deployment to growing your business – it’s about being helpful and doing the right thing to get you on the right path to the cloud. It was an easy choice to share our knowledge and experience with the world, and we hope you’ll find value in the lessons we bring to you via our Unlocked roadshow.

Why Should You Attend Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud

  1. It’s free. As in free beer.
  2. You’ve heard what cloud is and why cloud matters, now learn how to cloud.
  3. Learn why hybrid cloud is the next cloud.
  4. Come away with action items you can implement the next day.
  5. Find the right fit for your application(s)

Agenda Snippets

  1. Choosing the right datastore and polyglot persistence
  2. The Five Pillars of Cloudiness
  3. Why hybrid cloud is the next cloud
  4. Everything is code

Unlocked’s first stop is Friday, June 14 in New York City at the SoHo House in Manhattan. Future Unlocked events are planned for London, Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago and Hong Kong. Check out the Unlocked web site for specific dates and locations: unlocked.io/#RoadshowDates

These events are for developers, engineers and technical decision makers. They are small by design, and we want to encourage a collaborative environment and engaging discussion.

The Rackspace team is in New York City all week for Cloud Expo, so stop by the Rackspace booth to say hello and ask us any questions you may have about hybrid clouds. You can also play the Unlock the Cloud game for a chance to win some sweet prizes! If you don’t have a Cloud Expo pass yet and would like to attend, Rackspace has plenty of passes, so please reach out to us on Twitter or leave a comment!

For more information about Unlocked: The Hybrid Cloud, please check out the Unlocked webpage!

Wayne Walls is a Cloud Architect at Rackspace, where he evangelizes global cloud strategy. A tenured technology leader, Wayne has engineered complex technical solutions, delivered IT transformation plans, and implemented multiple training initiatives around cloud computing. Co-maintainer of the Rackspace Developer blog, Wayne is helping developers, engineers, and executives understand cloud technologies and how to turn that knowledge into tangible returns. He holds a B.S. of Information Systems and a B.A. of Economics from the University of Oklahoma. Follow him on Twitter at @waynewalls.


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