Learn How to Quickly Setup a Powerful Video Platform Using Encoding.com and Rackspace Cloud Files

Encoding.com, a Rackspace Cloud Tools Partner, has built a cost effective, flexible, fast and user-friendly transcoding platform that easily allows any company or person to integrate video transcoding within their workflow.   Jeff Malkin, President at Encoding.com, will be leading a webinar that will demonstrate how you can leverage the Rackspace Cloud and Encoding.com to create a simple and cost effective video platform. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the “Cloud Video” workflow will save you time, money and headaches
  • Step-by-step instructions to quickly connect your Cloud Files container with Encoding.com
  • How to utilize presets on Encoding.com to prepare video for ALL popular web and mobile devices
  • Hot industry trends you should consider when planning your video workflow

Details of the webinar:

Date: Thursday, September 30th
Time: 11am PDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT

Click here to sign up.

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