Learn The Open Cloud With Rackspace Training For OpenStack

Through Rackspace Training for OpenStack we want to get you up to speed on OpenStack. The goal is to achieve a high degree of OpenStack expertise in a dynamic hands-on environment.

More simply, we’re OpenStack experts, and we want to help your organization have them, too. OpenStack software is powerful. Over the last two years it’s grown and evolved. But it takes a lot more than just software to architect, deploy and operate a cloud. With Rackspace Training for OpenStack, we’re giving application developers, DevOps engineers and IT pros courses that cover the details of setting up, administering and troubleshooting OpenStack clouds in a real-world lab environment.

Rackspace Certification Program for OpenStack
Today, we’re launching a new certification program for application developers and DevOps engineers. Individuals can showcase their OpenStack expertise by becoming a Rackspace Certified Technician for OpenStack. The certification exam proves that an OpenStack professional has the skills to leverage and operate an OpenStack cloud. In addition, we are planning future certifications including:

  • Rackspace Certified Application Developer for OpenStack
  • Rackspace Certified DevOps Engineer for OpenStack
  • Rackspace Certified Architect for OpenStack

There are hundreds of OpenStack jobs available. Becoming certified puts you on a path to advancing your career and finding new opportunities for personal and professional growth with OpenStack.

Rackspace Certified Training Partner Program
Additionally, we’re now offering a certified training partner program that will syndicate Rackspace Training for OpenStack across geographies and languages. Rackspace Certified Training Partners can deliver Rackspace-developed and branded training courses for OpenStack. We intended to create the industry’s best OpenStack training material and leverage our delivery partners to take it to the world.

12 Months On The Training Circuit
Over the past 12 months we have had the privilege of training OpenStack enthusiasts all over the world. We’ve trained hundreds of people representing over 50 organizations. We’ve traversed the United States and have been fortunate to teach in Australia, England and South Africa. All indications are that demand for OpenStack training will continue to beckon us all over the world. When we first started training we had no idea how big this venture would become. The hunger for OpenStack knowledge is growing rapidly — and globally. OpenStack is on its way to becoming an essential tool in every IT department’s tool box; and rightfully so. OpenStack is one of the most exciting open source projects in recent times.

Do It With Us In Four Days, Not Four Weeks
We’ve had the opportunity to meet technologist, developers and DevOps engineers who are working to the deploy OpenStack in the real world. We’ve witnessed the smiles and sense of accomplishment when we teach our students to install OpenStack in about an hour. What they had been trying to figure out on their own for weeks, we are able to teach them in an hour and it’s only going getting easier with the recent launch of Rackspace Private Cloud Software, also known as Alamo. You can go it alone or you can allow us to help you get up to speed rapidly.

Training Delivered: Racker Style
If you have the opportunity to attend a Rackspace Training class one thing is for sure: you will learn a ton and you will have fun doing it. Rackspace prides itself on having one of the best cultures in the world and that culture spills over into the classroom. Our classes are dynamic and engaging. You don’t have to worry about fighting the urge to sleep when you are in the classroom with us. We believe OpenStack is exciting and the classroom environment should be, too.

Our Place Or Yours
If you want to learn about OpenStack from the company that has been there from the very beginning – we founded it, you know? — and you want to maximize your OpenStack learning while having fun at the same time, then look us up. We will continue to offer public classes, we can also bring our OpenStack expertise to you in private training sessions at the location of your choice. If you’d like to book a private training class for your organization, visit us at http://training.rackspace.com.

Tony Campbell joined Rackspace in April of 2003 and currently serves as Rackspace's Director of Training and Certification. Tony and his team are responsible for educating Rackers and the public on OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud and cloud technologies in general. During his career at Rackspace, Tony has working in various software development roles, including work on our customer portal and our first cloud products. When Tony's head is not in the clouds, he enjoys spending time with his family, participating in sports and can occasionally be seen performing in local theater productions.


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