Let’s Build A Better Planet

As part of our Earth Day celebration, we’re launching Responsibility.Rackspace.com. We want to highlight the “prosperity with purpose” created by our business model of Fanatical Support, which reflects our holistic approach and belief that business, people and the environment are inextricably linked.

If you’ve followed Rackspace for a while, you’re probably familiar with our focus on people. We believe we’ve built a world-class culture focused on living our Core Values. We take seriously the importance of giving back through our philanthropic efforts; strengthening our communities across the globe; and sharing our passion around education, technology and the arts.  But did you know that our Supply Chain is one of the highest rated in the industry? I’m not bragging…ok, yes I am. We recognize the importance of who we associate with; it is as important as what we buy – our Suppliers are an extension of our business and therefore our customers. We take pride in selecting the best.

As a publicly traded company, it’s no surprise that we have high ethical standards for Rackers in our Code of Conduct and we publicly report our financials. We think of it as pocket – yours, ours and your customers’ – that’s the basics. Where we stand apart from the others in how we empower people across the globe through our solid investments in cultivating an open cloud. All clouds are not created equal; and while computing can enable the great discoveries that can change the world, we also shoulder the responsibility to drive infrastructure efficiency while reducing our impact on the environment – all at the same time. Wow, if this were Hollywood, they’d say we were the triple threat – can act, sing AND dance.

A lot of what I’ve highlighted before is the part of what makes us the Rackspace you already know and love. So what’s different?

It’s Earth Day, so let’s talk planet: Today’s the first day we’ve publicly shared our Global Energy Policy. This is a bold move, and one not too many companies do. The policy reflects how we think about energy, one of our largest expenses and our largest source of emissions. I could talk for days about our workplaces and data centers – showcasing the features built into the places that our Rackers and our customers’ applications call home – like using 30 percent Renewable Energy worldwide.

It’s all about People, Pocket and Planet. To make sure we’re building world-class practices across our business, we have third parties come kick our tires and do deep dives. We were thrilled to be named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index last fall, ranking us in the top 20 percent of companies in the world. That’s big stuff and feedback that tells us that we’re on the journey to greatness.

Oh, and one more thing: Wednesday will mark our Seventh Annual Green Day here at The Castle, our San Antonio headquarters. If you happen to find yourself near Walzem Road and Interstate 35 in San Antonio, drop by and see what we’re up to. “Ain’t no party like a Rackspace party” unless we’re celebrating across the globe – London and Austin will celebrate in their own special ways. Be sure to check back Wednesday to read Cara Nichols’ Green Day blog and see if you can guess which location will have live goats, along with goat cheese and goat soap; who will bring their dogs to work; and who will be sharing the day with chickens.

We only have one Earth. Happy (43rd) Earth Day. Here’s to a million more! Let’s build a better planet…together.


Melissa Gray is Rackspace’s Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. She is responsible for defining and guiding the company’s sustainability strategy and activities around the globe. She joined Rackspace in October of 2009. Her prior roles include the development of operational support systems and Chief of Staff to the CEO developing Rackspace’s multi-year strategic plan. Gray brings over 15 years of business strategy and operations experience to Rackspace. She has worked for a Fortune 10 company, transforming complex legacy businesses through innovation. She holds three U.S. and EU Software Patents. Melissa received her B.A. from Western Michigan University. Follow Melissa on Twitter @GreenRacker.


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