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Lew Moorman At Structure: Beware Lock-In; Embrace Open Cloud [VIDEO]

Rackspace President Lew Moorman took the stage at the GigaOm Structure Conference in San Francisco Wednesday to reveal the truth about vendor lock-in and showcase how the fusion of applications and infrastructure within proprietary cloud environments can trap customers and remove application portability. In his talk, Moorman disproved the myth of cloned APIs and showed how some of the cloud’s biggest and earliest users have become shackled to their providers. Moorman also presented a solution and showed how OpenStack and the Open Cloud lead to true application portability and cloud choice.

Moorman’s entire keynote presentation can be seen here:

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This is a post written and contributed by Larry Meyer.

Larry Meyer leads the Rackspace Creative Services team. He is a former TV reporter and anchor and passionate geek about all things tech.

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