Life and Tech with Robert Scoble #28

Each week, Rackspace futurist Robert Scoble looks at emerging trends in his newsletter, Life and Tech. This week’s installment looks into some of the recently announced services and innovations here at Rackspace, as well as what they’ll mean for a multi-cloud world:

“Lately you might have noticed a shift in Rackspace’s strategy. We’ve invested in providing support for all sorts of different clouds, from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services to OpenStack (which we developed, together with NASA, and offered as an open source platform to the world).

This is why I love working for Rackspace. We are now helping customers where they are on the technologies they want to use (not the ones we want to push them onto). I tell friends, “we’re the Switzerland of the cloud,” and we can now take a real customer-centric approach to businesses trying to figure this technology out.

That all said, we’re still investing a TON in tooling on top of these clouds. Like ScaleFT for security, that you can see here:

We’re also continuing to invest in OpenStack itself, and two days ago we announced a major OpenStack simplification initiative, Carina.

Let’s dig into Carina for a second. It simplifies OpenStack for the enterprise by bringing the container magic that Docker brought to the world, but here it’s deeply built into OpenStack. Read Scott Crenshaw’s blog where he explains how and why Carina makes OpenStack simpler for enterprises to use:

For the technical look, check out Adrian Otto’s post:
(Adrian’s one of the smartest people I’ve met either inside or outside of Rackspace, by the way).

Companies from Comcast to Nike rely on OpenStack, so this will be welcomed by many of you.

OpenStack is KEY to our ability to help customers innovate, even as we support other clouds and the innovation they bring. Another example of this investment is the Intel partnership we announced in July:

As cloud becomes more complex, thanks to companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon and others bringing new capabilities to the market, you’ll want a partner who can help you not only navigate those, but someone who will answer the phone when you need help (you’d be shocked at how hard that is at some of these companies).

You’ll want a partner who hasn’t only invested in tooling, opinions, education or services, but someone who can and will be an accountable partner in building the future of your business. Someone who can fill in the gaps in the other clouds with innovation both on top of them, in tooling, as well as investment in a competitive cloud itself, OpenStack.”

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