When it comes to training and development opportunities at Rackspace, there is no limit to the number of training courses, e-learning modules or coaching opportunities employees — we call them Rackers — can take through our internal talent development organization, Rackspace University.

Welcome to Limitless Learning, a blog series about the way Rackspace nurtures and develops our employees — known as Rackers within the company. In the series, we’ll discuss career development, leadership development, sales on-boarding, technical training and international development.

Whether in Texas, the U.K., remotely, or anywhere else in the world, opportunities for growth and development are available to Rackers every day.

While Rackspace University has been around for 12 years, the learning culture of Rackspace has been in existence since the start of our company. After all, Learner is the number one Clifton (formerly Gallup) strengths at Rackspace — learning is just a part of our DNA. 

Rick Lozano, a seven year Racker and business trainer with Rack University, emphasized that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning. 

“One of the great things about Rackspace University is that we really try to focus on holistic, personalized learning experiences,” he said. “We know that everyone consumes learning differently. We’ve created a suite of right-fit learning solutions that cover every angle of personal, technical and professional development in a mode that works for each Racker. Some want to take a class, others want a quick video, others just need a template to work from.”

Rackspace University doesn’t just train Rackers for their day-to-day jobs; it’s also about growing and developing individuals into long-term careers. Our global team of talent development experts work tirelessly to enable our Rackers to achieve their career goals, while we continue to build our workforce. We are fanatical about creating new experiences and challenges for Rackers to stay engaged and passionate about their work.

“We know, and research supports, that a key component to organizational engagement is development,” said Lozano. “People want opportunities to learn and grow and we often see a decline in engagement when people haven’t had the opportunity to learn new skills and master new experiences. Growth is in and of itself an intrinsic motivator, but it is also a key to keeping an engaged culture at work.”

Don’t just take our word for it — hear straight from Rackers who’ve benefited from Rack U in the video above. Then click the banner below to learn more about opportunities to join the Rackspace family. great place, jobs

Taylor Perez iwa a business operations analyst on the global talent management team. She holds a BBA in human resources management from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Taylor is an avid world traveler, coffee enthusiast and comedian at heart.



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