Linux Against Poverty: Computer Donations = Happy Kids

If you’re in the Austin area and have a spare computer lying around the home or office, please consider donating it to the second annual Linux Against Poverty Computer Drive and Install Fest taking place Saturday, June 19 at Union Park.

According to the Austin Chronicle, 15% of Austin ISD high school students either have no computer or no Internet access at home, and Linux Against Poverty is breaking down that digital divide. Rackspace is a sponsor of this worthy cause that last year collected and refurbished $35,000 worth of computers for Central Texas students in need. And we want to do even better this year with a goal of delivering $50,000 worth of computers to the community.

Linux Against Poverty is collecting computers now through Saturday, June 19 at three Austin-area drop off locations. You can also drive up to Union Park the day of the event for curbside service. Tax receipts will be provided and each donated computer enters you into a drawing for prizes including a SXSW Interactive 2011 badge. For more details about donating your computer, please visit the Linux Against Poverty website.

Cara serves as Community Affairs Director for Rackspace Hosting and President of the Rackspace Foundation. She oversees Rackspace’s charitable giving and corps of volunteers, as well as manages the company’s non-profit and city relationships.


  1. Do you know of a similar program in the Michigan area? I have two computers I’d like to recycle, and this would be a program I’d love to support!

  2. Hi Steph~
    This is really centered on Austin but you may check to see if anyone in the Michigan area has a program like this or consider starting your own donation program. Goodwill also accepts and recycles computers. Hope that helps!


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