Get Support the Way You Want – Live Chat Support Now Available

LOL, BRB, and TY

That’s right, we understand that lingo and see lots of those acronyms flying across our screen now that we officially launched live chat support. And now you have one more medium to contact us for help.

(For those that don’t know–LOL = Laughing Out Loud, BRB = Be Right Back and TY = Thank You.)

With the average day at the office consisting of multitasking phone calls, meetings, email and more, live chat can really make life a little easier. With live chat you can hold a conversation with our support team in the middle of a conference call or in the middle of checking your email. It allows you to get the most out of your time while getting real time answers to your questions.

The next time you need support, just log into your control panel and look for the live chat link in the upper right hand corner.

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  1. Online chat support was never that awesome. If you are a business but you don’t have an online chat support, then it could be a very difficult task for you to look at all the ins and outs of your website. Being a blogger I would like to share this product with you guys if you allow. Ever heard of Outsource Chat Operators? Visit now and learn more. It would help you a lot in outsourcing agents chat support.

  2. Would like to applaud you for the decision. I have a suggestion that could probably make a huge difference to your user engagement. You have asked to login to the control panel to access live chat option. Rather, you can come up with a radio button on the right hand corner without requiring the user to sign in. First, it would remove the hassles of logging in, so you can ensure that maximum people can reach out to you via live chat. Second, visitors would get a feel that you have an awesome support, so they are most likely to become your loyal customers. We recommend you to use ProProfs chat, a live chat application to connect to your users in real time. Please let us know about what you think about the suggestion. Awaiting a reply. Cheers!


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