Mailgun: ESP for Developers

Based in San Francisco, Mailgun is an Email Service Provider (ESP) for developers which allow them to target on innovation elsewhere. The main focus is to make developers’ lives easier and allow them to build applications more efficiently. Mailgun enables developers to tightly integrate email into their apps, giving real email mailboxes to their users, their web pages or any objects in their apps. Tight email integration enables functionality like private user mailboxes for photo uploads from cell phones, email-driven comments, discussion groups and more.

“Mailgun is an ESP for software,” explains Ev Kontsevoy, CEO & co-founder of Mailgun. “Software developers want to enable computers to have conversations with humans or other computers via email. Mailgun is that engine. We provide the full email backend; sending, receiving, parsing and storage, analytics, like everything, so developers can take advantage of the powerful platform and embed that power into their apps.”

Built for developers, Mailgun controls everything through intuitive, RESTful APIs which eliminates the headaches of managing an email server. Mailgun’s optimized deliverability gets emails delivered to the inbox from the best infrastructure and deliverability expertise. Use Mailgun to engage your users with real email servers for receiving, parsing and storage, not just SMTP relay. And track everything with analytics that measure and improve your performance.

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