Mailtrust Career Fair

How often do you get a chance to step foot in the 32nd Best Place to Work in the United States? Well, after years of attending local career fairs we figured it was finally time to have one of our very own.
We’ve grown immensely since moving into our new location in the University City Mall in Blacksburg and in doing so, our presence has become a lot stronger in the community. A lot of local “techies” have heard our name and we wanted to give them a chance to see what we’re all about. We’re opening our doors this Wednesday, October 8th from 12:00-7:00pm for students, professionals, and anyone interested in touring our office, speaking with employees, or learning more about Mailtrust.
Employees will be onsite and are excited to be able to share what Mailtrust does, what our culture means to them, and what our future looks like.
Feel free to stop by for a tour or to apply for a job. We’ll provide food to snack on, a ping pong table to play on, a slide show to watch, and Mailtrust give-aways.

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