Making IT Management Easier with Spiceworks

Spiceworks has become the go-to IT management tool for almost 1 million businesses with its free delivery model and collaborative features. Spiceworks is the complete network management software, helpdesk, PC inventory tools & IT reporting solution designed to manage everything IT for your business. Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with Spiceworks to integrate key features from the Rackspace hosted email platform into Spiceworks social IT management application.

With this integration, our customers can choose to manage Rackspace hosted email accounts through Spiceworks rather than launching a separate portal. Spiceworks will support all of Rackspace’s cloud email offerings, including Rackspace Email, hosted Microsoft Exchange, and our popular hybrid offering, with the ability to monitor email usage, administer accounts and collaborate with other Rackspace users in the Spiceworks community.

Working with Spiceworks to integrate Rackspace hosted email management was an easy fit, since we’re both focused on making IT simple and affordable for businesses. And our relationship is a great example of how customers and partners are taking advantage of Rackspace’s Email APIs to integrate with our cloud email platform.

You can download the free Spiceworks application and start managing your Rackspace email accounts today.

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