Manage, Control Your Cloud Spend With Cloud Cruiser For Rackspace Private Cloud

UPDATED 04/23/2014: Join us at 1 p.m. CDT Wednesday, April 30 for a Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) and Cloud Cruiser co-hosted presentation “Managing IT Spend in your Enterprise Private Cloud.” Our presenters will bring clarity to the cost planning associated with an RPC environment and to help enterprises plan for growth. Hosts Dan Choquette, Director of Solutions Engineering at Rackspace, and Nick van der Zweep, Vice President of Strategy at Cloud Cruiser, will take us through the use cases of using Cloud Cruiser in an RPC environment, the advantages of using the services together, and a demo of the Cloud Cruiser services. Register today:

Self-service clouds have changed the way enterprises consume IT services. Corporations, public sector organizations and departments can now easily initiate a relationship with an outside service provider to take advantage of all of the benefits of the cloud (e.g. on-demand self-services, utility-billing, rapid deployment, instantaneous scalability, etc.). When these shadow IT environments are created, however, central IT is often not notified or involved in the process. This makes it difficult for businesses to ensure that security, governance and IT spend are well managed across the organization.

Today, Rackspace and Cloud Cruiser are partnering to offer integrated, intelligent financial management software for the Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC). Cloud Cruiser (CC) is a pioneer in cloud financial management, and offers a solution for RPC that was built from the ground up for the cloud economy. Cloud Cruiser’s software enables cost transparency, dynamic decision analytics, proactive cost controls and showback/chargeback, which gives you the ability to quantify cloud usage, and comprehensively manage and control your IT spend.

With the Rackspace Private Cloud, you get your own secure, scalable OpenStack cloud, supported by our cloud specialists who have attained deep operations expertise from experience running the world’s largest open cloud. When you combine our expertise in open cloud technology with that of Cloud Cruiser’s expertise in cloud spend financial management, you get a powerful combination of tools that enable you to maximize your freedom of choice in an open cloud world.

Cloud Cruiser’s software on the Rackspace Private Cloud can be used for:

  • Showback/Chargeback: To achieve complete cost transparency and accountability across your cloud environments (i.e. your Rackspace Private Cloud and/or cloud resources from other providers) with automated cost collection, rating and reporting
  • Consumer and Service Analysis: To understand how an organization is consuming services by business unit, department, project, geography, service type, etc.
  • Profit Management: To gain visibility into P&L by organizational unit or service to lower costs across an organization
  • Demand Forecasting: To plan for cloud usage peaks and valleys due to high demand business cycles, such as new product launches or month end billing

Cloud Cruiser gives enterprises or service providers, which often lack automated tools to measure the utilization, cost and performance of IT services, the ability to manage IT spend or manage individual customer IT consumption, spend and profitability.

Click here: to check out some of Cloud Cruiser’s newest features.

Please Note:  Cloud Cruiser’s software is currently supported directly by Cloud Cruiser.

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