Manage The Rackspace Open Cloud With Windows 8

The open cloud is all about choice. And we want to provide you, our customers, the ability to choose how you manage your Rackspace open cloud environment.

Today, we offer you a new application that gives you the option to manage your Rackspace Cloud account directly from Microsoft’s newly-launched Windows 8 operating system.

Rackspace Cloud for Windows 8 allows you to quickly and easily control your Cloud Servers™, Cloud Files™ and Cloud Load Balancers wherever you are using Windows 8. While it is not a complete replacement for our web-based control panel, the integration with the Windows 8 UI allows you to do almost anything you’ll need to run your Rackspace Cloud on the go. The app was launched by Rackspace in partnership with Microsoft and Making Sense.

So if you’re a developer, systems administrator or IT Pro, what does this new choice mean for you? It means you can now manage your virtualized servers directly from Windows 8. You can add and delete Cloud Servers, manage your Cloud Files containers and get detailed server information from other applications. Easily you can perform a host of other cloud functions all from Windows 8.

Check out this brief video demo:

Because Windows 8 is packed with new features, Rackspace was able to deploy unique capabilities into the application to improve the customer experience with the Rackspace Cloud. For example, the Rackspace Windows 8 application lets you manage multiple accounts from the single application. You can also delete multiple servers and/or files at once, which provides a faster and more scalable option for managing large deployments.

Whether you are an individual or a small business using a Windows 8 PC to interface with your infrastructure, or you are managing a large deployment and administrating your environment using Windows 8, the free application can help you get the most out of your investment in the Rackspace Cloud.


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