Managed Cloud Lets Brightpod Focus On Business, Not IT

This is a guest post written and contributed by Sahil Parikh, chief trailblazer at, a Rackspace customer. makes a cloud collaboration app for marketing and creative teams.

Have you ever felt that paralyzing moment of anxiety when you think you’ve forgotten to finish something related to a client project? We built exactly to prevent this feeling.

About a year ago our team saw an opportunity in designing a cloud collaboration app for marketing and creative teams. We felt the need for a collaboration tool that would minimize the increasing amounts of time and energy spent on digital marketing each year. We set out to help people organize, manage, track and automate their growing marketing projects in a centralized place.

First, we ideated through several designs and features. Then came the technical decision of hosting, servers, database, etc. We already run one of our products on Rackspace dedicated servers, so choosing Rackspace for Brightpod was a no-brainer. Rackspace’s support and help is truly fanatical. We wanted the flexibility of starting small and scaling as demand increases. So, with a few hundred dollars, we spun up a couple of servers and decided to host with Rackspace Managed Cloud. In just a few days we deployed code and were up and running. During that time, we sent Rackers dozens of support tickets ranging from installing the SSL certificate, taking MySQL backups and setting up images of our servers, to picking their brains on certain technical questions. It would have taken us more than a week had we tried to figure everything out on our own. We almost felt that the Rackspace Managed Cloud team was an extension of our Brightpod team. What we learned is that hiring a full-time network admin is not an option for a bootstrapped startup.

The Fanatical Support, coupled with the option of pay as you go services, makes Rackspace Managed Cloud a clear business choice for any startup. In the early days of a startup it is wise to focus on the business and let someone who is an expert manage your servers and hosting.

One of Brightpod’s features enables marketing and creative teams to upload a file and have centralized conversations around it. We chose Rackspace Cloud Files as our storage option. Cloud Files gives us nearly unlimited storage on a reliable CDN network without worrying about clogging up our servers. We have also enabled daily backups from our server to Cloud Files. The Rackspace team even helps us monitor several ports on the server so if one goes down, a specialist can quickly fix it and bring it back up. As traffic and usage increases, we will add many more web servers and a load balancer.

Hosting on Rackspace Cloud gives our Brightpod team the mental peace to run our business smoothly without carrying the extra burden of managing complex servers and networks. With Rackspace’s Fanatical Support, we can focus on our software development while letting their IT experts handle the technicalities that come with cloud hosting and servers. is in private beta, but since we love Rackspace you can sign up with the code “rackspace” at

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