Managed Infrastructure Frees Engagency To Focus On Sitecore Business

By Jason Perry, President & CEO, Engagency

At Engagency, we’re committed to serving our customers by providing them the best Sitecore experience in the world. Sitecore is the leading .net platform that businesses use to manage multichannel digital experiences. It’s a sophisticated platform that allows companies to own their digital experiences across channels. It’s a competitive advantage that’s critical to our customers. That’s why when we started growing our business, we turned to a team of experts to partner with us to deliver exceptional results. But why choose Rackspace, and not one of the other guys?

We’re a one-stop shop – consulting, implementation, management and troubleshooting for the people who trust their business to us. That means we have to be ready for any situation, up to speed on every available configuration, and ready to respond to downtime or instability at a moment’s notice. We need to be versed in all aspects of our hosting solution – from architecture to application. We want to provide our customers with the absolute best Sitecore-specific hosting and support, but we’re not a hosting company. We decided to choose a partner that shared our same level of dedication, understood the stack top to bottom, and could help us deliver the most reliable solution on the market. We know that our customers just want to sleep soundly at night knowing they have a team of specialists ready and waiting to respond to any emergency, so we’re committed to providing around the clock service to our customers, and that was only possible with Rackspace.

Having a dedicated team of Sitecore hosting specialists a phone call away means that Engagency can stay focused on what we do best. Freeing up those cycles lets us please our customers by providing a level of support that would have been impossible otherwise, while at the same time letting us focus on accelerating Engagency’s success as a business.

Things don’t often go wrong, but when they do everyone at Engagency knows we can trust our Rackers. During a recent event, a customer suffered a DDOS attack. Immediately our teams were in contact with one another and got the situation resolved and the customer back up and running. Then, Rackspace went the extra step to hold a debriefing immediately afterwards where we made the decision to add a DDOS monitoring service to prevent similar attacks in the future. The reliability of that customer’s hosted solutions has dramatically improved as a result of that meeting.

Going to lengths like that — listening to your customers’ needs and then doing the hard work to craft a great solution — is what sets Rackspace apart. “Fanatical Support” is an understatement. Frankly, Rackspace has perfected the art of going above and beyond every day. And I don’t mean just troubleshooting or responding to emergencies – Rackers routinely manage our environments in such a way that they often find and fix problems before our customers do. It’s seamless, and it’s there all day, every single day.

Having a partner we can work with closely who understands our challenges and is invested in seeing our business grow means everything to me. It’s a quality of support that is unmatched in Rackspace’s market. Engagency is a customer-centric company dedicated to not just providing for, but really impressing our customers. Rackspace gets that, and has the specialized expertise to back up that feeling with real world smarts. I would recommend any business that takes itself and its customers seriously look into getting a team of Rackers for themselves.



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