Managed on Cloud Case Study: World Triathlon Corporation

Late last year Rackspace® Hosting unveiled the newest service level for Cloud Servers™ – managed service and support. Defining a new space in cloud computing, Rackspace has extended to customers an additional level of support on Cloud Servers, which includes monitoring, operating system and application infrastructure layer support, and technical guidance.

Customers of various sizes are finding the flexibility and scalability of this solution, coupled with world-class managed service to be a winning combination. For instance, the World Triathlon Corporation is the owner and organizer of Ironman-branded events. During their more than 80 world-championship events, traffic spikes are unpredictable as visitors seek real time data and multimedia. Travis Sitzlar, Ironman’s Chief Technologist explains what a managed service level in the cloud means to him:

“Back in 2000 or 2001, I was the only tech person that we had. So for a long time I was on call 24/7/365: I had the monitoring systems automatically pinging me anytime something went wrong, and if I didn’t know how to fix it, then we were in trouble, because we didn’t really have anybody else to go to. Fanatical Support, to me, means that I get to sleep at night.”

During the October 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship, Ironman’s network of sites worked smoothly, effortlessly scaling to handle the waves of incoming statistical data, as well as big spikes in traffic. Despite setting new records in simultaneous webcast viewers, peak traffic, and total uniques, the Cloud-based systems all operated flawlessly.

Read more about how Rackspace Hosting has built a solution that meets the scaling needs of the World Triathlon Corporation.

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