Windows In The Cloud Is No Different Than On Premise

Working as a manager in customer support at Rackspace, one question that my team often gets from business owners, “Would managing my Windows server be different on the cloud?” The answer is, “No, it is exactly the same!”

You or your IT team would manage your Windows cloud server the same way that you would manage it in an on-premise environment. The first step would be to create a remote desktop protocol session into that server, and once you are there, doing different tasks on your server in the cloud is the same as doing it with a dedicated machine. Adding an IP address and administering your website via Internet Information Services (IIS) are the same.

If you are a business owner, wipe away any concern that you or your technical staff might have in administering a Windows cloud server; routine system administration is the same as what you would do with your onsite server. The biggest difference is that by moving to the cloud you get to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers.

If you have any other questions, be sure to get in touch with us here at Rackspace and visit the blog next week for my post on some of the cost benefits of moving your Windows servers to the cloud.

Check out Tobin’s next post where he talks about how Windows in the cloud can save you money. You can also get more information on Windows in the Rackspace cloud and find out how to move to the cloud in stages.

Tobin is a Manager at Rackspace, helping to hire and mentor hundreds of Rackers on various customer support teams. He loves studying customer service at companies around the world to better understand how the customer experience can be improved. When he is not at The Rack, he likes to ride his bicycle and put together bicycle racing events.


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